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WFC Grows Barbecue Category with Ancillary Competitions


The first Dual Duel. A Lady Pitmaster’s championship. And four ancillary comps!? No doubt about it….WFC took its barbecue category to new heights in 2017. In addition to the Smithfield Pork Loin Challenge, the ultimate food fight added three new ancillary competitions to its barbecue line-up. As WFC prepares to expand its competition in 2018, we would like to thank the sponsors, Bill E’s Bacon, The Jelly Queens and Bolner’s Fiesta Products, that helped make these unique challenges in 2017 such a huge success.   

Before revealing all of the exciting plans for the 7th annual WFC, let’s take a look back last year’s competition brought to the table. The ancillary challenges were free to enter, but competitors had to be fast on their feet since spots were limited. The events kicked off on November 9, 2017, as competitors battled it out for a chance to take home some additional cash and prizes apart from the main event. In all three challenges, competitors were tasked with showcasing the sponsor’s products in their entry dishes.

Here is a quick recap of how each event played out:

The BBQ Jelly Queens Jam - Competitors were given Jelly Queens Jam/Jelly to incorporate into their choice of protein. When the food fighting was over, First Class BBQ took home the sweet victory and $100 cash prize with a score of 177.154 out of a possible 200. Survivor-Que and The Shed BBQ followed closely behind claiming second ($50) and third place ($25).

“WFC brings out the best in everyone. Each team strives to do their best all while cheering the other teams on. It’s an incredible community filled with innovation and an exhilarating environment,” commented Donna Collins, Founder of The Jelly Queens. “[The entries were] off the charts with creativity and the flavors were a dream.”

Bill E’s Small Batch Bacon - Each competitor was provided with one pound of Bill E’s Small Batch unsliced pork belly to work their culinary magic with. Teams were given free range of their dish and were able to create whatever inventive dish they could dream up!  When all was said and done, the top three teams bringing home the “bacon” were Thin, Beautiful Blue Smoke ($100), Sweet Smoke Q Florida ($50), Team Texas 1 ($25).

“Probably the greatest decision I have ever made was to incorporate my product into the event. The competitors showcased my product in ways I have never even thought of,” explained William “Bill E.” Stitt, owner of Bill E. Bacon. Also noting, “These folks just plain know how to have fun!”

Bolner’s Fiesta Seasoning - With their choice of protein, competitors only requirement for this challenge was to incorporate a combination of the following seasonings, provided by Bolner’s Fiesta: Chili powder, Black Pepper and Nutmeg. The top three teams that managed to spice and dice their way to the top of the leaderboard were as follows: First Place - Old Colony Smokehouse  ($300 cash), Second Place - Awesome Q ($200 cash) and Third Place - Sweet Smoke Q Florida ($100 cash).

“Bolner's Fiesta Products was thrilled to be involved with an ancillary competition at the World Food Championships  Seeing what unique dishes competitors were able to create using some challenging ingredients was definitely a highlight of our experience within this food competition,” said Mike Bolner, VP of Sales and Marketing of Bolner’s Fiesta. “We were thoroughly impressed by the intricate melding of flavors using various cooking techniques using Fiesta's own spices and blends that have been in the family since our start in 1955.  We always appreciate the effort that these world-class chefs put into their seasonings and presentations, and are excited to continue our partnership with the World Food Championships.”

Be sure to check back as we announce what exciting ancillary challenges food champs can look forward to at this year’s WFC. For all WFC updates, follow World Food Championships on Twitter (@WorldFoodChamp), and Facebook and Instagram (@WorldFoodChampionships).

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