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WFC 2018 Sizzle Reel

The World Food Championships is the largest culinary competition on the planet. The event gives home cooks, pro chefs and professional cook teams from all walks of life a chance to be seen on TV and win a share of the largest prize purse in the Food Sport industry

From burgers and barbecue to sandwiches and bacon, there is a $10,000 winner in each of its ten categories, all which culminate in a grand finale of epic food proportions at the Final Table.

To see how the action (and pressure) unfolds, check out one of our three nationally-syndicated seasons. In 2013, A&E produced six episodes from our Las Vegas beginnings for the FYI Channel. In 2015, the championship was shot in Florida for a series on Destination America (a Discovery Network channel). In 2016, Food Network shot a special around our Kids Invitation, called "Kid Chef Nation," and the 5th Annual World Food Championships aired in select markets, entitled "Food, Fame & Fortune;" you can view it online by clicking here.

Most recently, you can catch a glimpse of the action from our 2017 World Seafood Championship on the Travel Channel, debuting May 2, 2018 at 11am CST.

Where will our next TV series unfold? Stay tuned! There is more in the works for the 2018 Championship than ever before!

In the meantime, check out our highlight videos below for a taste of the food-fighting action.

Recent Videos