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WFC Policies

Competitor Registration – The 2022 WFC Registration Period will be open from February 1st to October 1st. Payment MUST be made at the time of registration to complete your process and reserve your competitor status. Unpaid registrations will be deleted from the registration system within two (2) weeks. There will be no refunds in 2022, but competitors can sell their place to other qualified competitors. 

Cancellation of Preferred Qualifying Event – There are no refunds for events that have been postponed. The certification fees paid at time of postponement will apply to the next date of the event's occurrence. For events that are cancelled with no plans to postpone,  a written notice of cancellation must be received by MMA Creative for any possible, partial refund. Such refund will be prorated based on the number of months the event received exposure from WFC's platform and promotional channels.

Use of Official Brand Mark – Anyone wishing to use the official World Food Championships (WFC)  brand mark for any purpose (marketing, promotional or otherwise), must request permission from WFC by emailing All requests must state the intended purpose of using the brand mark, the application and length of time the brand mark will be used. Approved requests will receive digital versions of the official brand mark, a letter of permission and brand standards for usage.

 For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.