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Becoming a qualifying event (Preferred, State or International) allows the best contests to be associated with the biggest competitive food event in the world: the World Food Championships.

Ready to take the next step towards putting your contest on the World Food Championships' map? Please fill out the following questions regarding your contest. The WFC Contest Committee will respond within three business days upon receiving this application.

Preferred Qualifier

Preferred qualifiers receive additional marketing and promotional benefits on the World Food Championships' platforms, and must promote WFC on their event website.

State Qualifier

State partnerships provide a unique 'gateway' for qualification into the World Food Championships. Along with alignment and promotion through all WFC platforms, becoming a state or regional qualifier ensures exclusivity to your event, destination, etc., as the ONLY way to qualify into the World's Largest Food Sport Competition!

International Qualifier

International Qualifiers become the only pathway by which competitors from said country can qualify for the WFC. International Qualifiers also receive marketing and promotional benefits.

Contest Info

Is there a sanctioning body for your contest?

I would like to offer the following WFC categories at my competition. Check all that apply