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Judge Registration

Are you interested in judging at the 2015 World Food Championships? We are currently collecting applications to be considered for judging. Onsite training of the WFC's EAT™ method will occur for all chosen judges prior to each competition. Interested parties should complete the contact form below. We will begin confirming judges on June 30, giving preferential seating to EAT-certified judges.

First Name:

Last Name:


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Do you have any food allergies that would prevent you from judging a particular category? If so, please list allergy:

If so, please list all:

Are you a member of a food sanctioning body or culinary organization?
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If so, please list all:

Are you a certified food judge?:
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If so, please list or provide judge's number:

Please rank, from 1 (most) to 9 (least), the following competitions that you would like to be considered for judging.
NOTE: Do NOT rank a category that you do not wish to be considered for.
Bacon World Championship

World Barbecue Championship
World Burger Championship
World Dessert Championship
World Open Chili Championship
World Recipe Championship
World Sandwich Championship
World Seafood Championship
World Invitational Steak Championship

Please select which days you will be attending the event and are available to judge (Check all that apply). Note: We are only accepting applications for the preliminary category rounds. Please be sure the category you’re interested in judging is occurring during the time of your visit.

Wednesday, Nov 9
Thursday, Nov 10
Friday, Nov 11
Saturday, Nov. 12

Please describe your culinary background, achievements or any additional reasons why you should be considered:

Do you have a special code?    YES  —  WHAT'S THIS?

Please complete the following survey as part of your registration.
It is required for consideration.

How familiar are you with the following brands of home appliances? Please select one response per row.

  Extremely Familiar Very Familiar Somewhat Familiar Not Very Familiar Not At All Familiar

Please rank order the following brands by their order of consideration when purchasing home appliances.
Rank 1 is the brand you consider first for home appliances, Rank 2 is the brand you consider second, etc. Please provide a rank for all brands.


How likely are you to consider purchasing a Kenmore home appliance in the next 2 years? Please select one response.

Definitely would
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