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WFC Reveals Recipe Category Partners & Details


WFC Reveals Recipe Category Partners & Details

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – (July 29, 2016) World Food Championships released key info on the structured dish and infused ingredient for its Breakfast-themed Recipe category today. One new sponsor and a competitor favorite have teamed up to make the Recipe category live up to its potential, as we all know Breakfast is hailed as the most important meal of the day. The combination should provide a sunny-side-up addition for the event’s 5th Anniversary, which will be held in Orange Beach, Alabama this November.

Wampler’s, a family-owned, Tennessee-based company, is joining the Ultimate Food Fight by providing several of its sausage brands for the Infused Ingredient round of the World Recipe Championship. The Top 10 contestants in this round will have several of Wampler’s flavored sausage products to choose from, giving them a range of mild to spicy dishes to create.

To help contestants get familiar with their product offerings, Wampler’s will also be sponsoring a Food Champ Online Recipe Contest from Sept. 15-23. The contest will be breakfast themed and will provide a complimentary Golden Ticket to the winner. Check back on our news page for more details soon.

But wait….there’s “eggstra” news for Recipe contestants! California-based Happy Egg is returning this year to also participate in the Breakfast theme. They will be providing eggs as a pantry item throughout all of the WFC competitions, but primarily as the key ingredient to this year’s Structured dish in Recipe — Eggs Benedict.

“Recipe competitors are going to have some of the best products on the market to cook with while creating their delicious breakfast dishes,” said Mike McCloud, CEO of World Food Championships. “We are thrilled to add Wampler’s and Happy Egg to our lineup of partners for the 2016 WFC, and we can’t wait to unveil many more of our new, exciting partners and ingredients as we roll into the best WFC yet.”

As Wampler’s and Happy Egg join the Food Sport family, they’ll also be diving into the kickoff of “food sport week” at WFC, which begins with a three-day, jam-packed summit for Food Bloggers. Wampler’s will lead a seminar called “Farm to Future,” which focuses on how innovative food companies are becoming zero-energy grid dependent. Happy Egg will also be leading a session called “Why Animal Welfare in Farming Matters” during the 3rd annual Blogger Summit.

“Blogger Summit is another aspect of WFC we’re amping up this year. We have some really insightful seminars, thanks to sponsors like Wampler’s and Happy Egg, that bloggers are going to love,” McCloud said. “We’re also going to have complimentary three-night accommodations at the luxurious Turquoise Place, and Bloggers will get to judge the opening dessert round after becoming EAT Certified! Bloggers are definitely in for a treat at WFC this year.”

About Wampler’s

Wampler’s Farm Sausage is a company based out of Lenoir City, Tennessee committed to providing the safest and best tasting sausage in the world. Beginning in 1937, Wampler’s has evolved from the humble beginning of making sausage in the kitchen of the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Riley M. Wampler. Wampler’s is committed to sustainability and installed its first solar panels in 2009. Since then, Wampler’s has increased the number of solar panels on site to reduce energy consumption, increased recycling, and decreased water usage and waste output.

Find out more about Wampler’s here.  

About Happy Egg Co.

The happy egg co. operates under the highest standards of hen welfare and is the first commercial egg producer to be American Humane Certified™. Hens at the happy egg co. enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, spending each of their days under the sun, frolicking through acres of open space, socializing and of course, flapping their wings. With access to more than eight acres of open pasture and nutritional feed and care from expert family farmers under the direction of Andrew Joret, the International Egg Commission's 2013 "International Egg Person of the Year," the hens are able to exhibit their natural behaviors and live more contented lives. The happy egg co. won Best New Egg in the 2014 Better Homes and Garden’s Best New Product Awards.

Read more about Happy Egg Co. here.

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