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The World Food Championships Addresses Similar Scores for BBQ Teams


As most of our BBQ teams know, an amazing thing happened at the WFC this past weekend! On occasion, you'll see teams tie in a contest, and at the WFC, which brought in the best competitors in the world, we experienced just that. Because we welcomed such a high volume of championship level teams, we also received multiple championship level high scores, resulting in several ties. We used the following KCBS scoring tiebreakers for the category:

1. Sum of Taste scores (after dropping the lowest cumulative score set)
2. Sum of Tenderness scores (after dropping the lowest cumulative score set)
3. Sum of Appearance scores (after dropping the lowest cumulative score set)
4. Higher of the lowest cumulative scores (the previously dropped score set)
5. Computer generated coin toss

At the end of the day, we just wanted to let all of our BBQ competitors know what our process was. We're glad the competition was so stiff and so tough that we had multiple ties. The WFC  is the ultimate destination for the best of the best!

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