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WFC Adds New Partner to the Ultimate Food Fight


WFC Adds New Partner to the Ultimate Food Fight

The World Food Championships announced today it is joining forces with a major duck supplier, Culver Duck Farms, for this year’s main event in Orange Beach, Alabama. Culver Duck, who raises a premium white Pekin duck breed, is joining the world’s largest Food Sport event to feature its products in two unique ways at this year’s championship.

The first opportunity for Food Champs to experience Culver Duck will be in a special Ancillary challenge on Thursday, Nov 8. All competitors who are not active in the competition that day — and have the ability to cook outside of Kitchen Arena — will be given the opportunity to enter this ancillary contest at no charge. A special prize purse will be awarded to the top three finishers.

Rounding out the activities at WFC, Culver Duck will be the presenting sponsor of WFC’s Super Qualifier.  This will be the first chance that Food Champs have to qualify into the 2019 championship. The white Pekin duck will be the featured element of this contest, which is open to the highest ranking Food Champs who did not make the Top 10 finals in their category.

Culver Duck Farms uses a vertically integrated production system and partners with the local Amish community to raise its ducks.  The high-quality protein is known for less fat and more meat than comparable brands. Additionally, the company strives to keep its company’s core values by making sure there is no way of “ducking” the process of raising and feeding its ducks, ensuring they exceed the highest standards in the industry.

“Our event continues to focus on quality brands from well-known food companies, coupled with the creativity and insights of passionate Food Champs,” said Mike McCloud, President/CEO of WFC. “That’s why we are very excited to welcome Culver Duck Farms to WFC, and we are delighted that they chose to be involved in numerous ways at our main event.”

Similar to last year, the Super Qualifier will take place once all of the 2018 Top Tens have been determined. From there, WFC will take the next 20 overall highest scores of the remaining teams on site to compete in the Super Qualifier. These 20 teams will be given one more chance to earn their stripes by battling it out for a chance at a 2019 Golden Ticket and $1,000 cash.  Furthermore, none of the 20 participating teams will have to pay an entry fee for the qualifier, and the top 3 performers will earn a FREE entry into the category of their choice for the 2019 Ultimate Food Fight. The Super Qualifier will occur at 4 pm on Sunday, Nov 11th.

“We are so excited to be able to give talented chefs and home cooks a chance to get the recognition they deserve on the world’s largest Food Sport stage,” said Kyle Fabing, Director of Sales and Marketing of Culver Duck Farms. “We are so happy to be a part of the food-fighting action and can’t wait to see what outstanding recipes these Food Champs create using our ducks.”

To learn more about Culver Duck, visit

More information about the Super Qualifier and ancillary competitions will be released in the competitor packets on September 1. In the meantime, stay up to date on all WFC news and developments by following us on Twitter (@WorldFoodChamp), and Facebook and Instagram (@WorldFoodChampionships).

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