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World Food Championships Searches for America’s Best Dishes


World Food Championships Searches for America’s Best Dishes

ORANGE BEACH, Ala., Do you or someone you know have a recipe that’s worth $100,000? Think you can prove it? Then here’s your chance! The World Food Championships has brought back its no-fee, online recipe contest to find America’s next Ultimate Food Champion.

Now celebrating its 7th Anniversary, WFC invites hundreds of qualified food competitors each November to Orange Beach, Alabama, to a winner-taste-all event to crown the best chef or home cook in the world. What’s at stake? Hundreds of thousands of dollars as contestants fight their way through ten categories of delicious challenges.

To enter, each contestant has to earn their way into the competition. Many do this through live food qualifiers throughout the world. But for the 3rd year, WFC is hosting an online challenge called Taste of America.

TOA allows cooks from coast to coast to utilize great local and regional brands to create eye-popping Instagram recipe dishes for a chance at one of the event’s coveted Golden Tickets. For example, brands like Red Gold Tomatoes, Bolner’s Fiesta Products, Idaho® Potato Commission, Wampler’s Farm Sausage, and Challenge Dairy are just a few of the key ingredients that aspiring chefs or home cooks can use to earn their way into the contest, which features the world’s largest outdoor kitchen arena.

The contest will qualify up to 150 people, all of whom will then have a chance to win a $10,000 prize package in one of the WFC categories, which then go head to head at a Final Table that has $100,000 up for grabs. To find out more about how the contest works, click here for TOA rules and entry process.

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