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WFC’s Super Qualifier Will To Return in 2018


The 2017 World Food Championships brought the fiercest food battle yet to Orange Beach, Ala this past November. The 6th annual WFC also introduced several new attractions and competitions at the event, including the first-ever WFC Super Qualifier. Traditionally, when a competitor was knocked out of the main event at WFC, that meant the show was over for that contestant unless they hung around to watch or help other teams. However, WFC decided to shake things up in 2017 by giving Food Champs who fell just shy of making the Top 10 a second chance to compete.

This was the first time WFC had ever held a qualifying event during the championships, and the goal was to give the first 20 eliminated competitors with the highest overall scores a chance to qualify for next year’s WFC through a mystery basket challenge.

On the last day of the championships, hopeful cooks still in attendance took their places in kitchen arena for the second time that week to battle it out for five golden tickets. Competitors were given a mystery basket containing six ingredients and access to the on-site pantry to prepare their dishes. The only requirement was that three of the mystery basket ingredients had to be incorporated into their dish, and the rest was up to them to decide.

When all was said and done, the seasoned competitors produced some truly impressive dishes. The result? The top five finishers were rewarded with a FAST PASS to next year’s championships. Heather Walker, who fell just short of making it into the Top Ten for Dessert, took home the first place spot in the Inaugural Super Qualifier event. Rounding out the rest of the finalists and taking home the remaining four golden tickets were Craig Tabor, Ang Minor, Brody Olive, and Isabel Minunni.

WFC was thrilled by the enthusiasm from competitors and the overall participation of its first on-site qualifying event.

“We know that teams on the bubble each year are itching for a second chance, especially while watching their friends and colleagues go on to the Top 10 round,” commented Mike McCloud, CEO of World Food Championships. “Leaving Orange Beach with a Golden Ticket for 2018 will sure make a lot of teams feel better about their performance and overall experience.”

Plans are well underway to incorporate this Super Qualifier challenge again at WFC in 2018. So stay tuned for more details on that in the coming weeks. Click here to see the full list of the Super Qualifier results.

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