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BUBBA Prepares For A Big Beach Burger Battle


BUBBA Prepares For A Big Beach Burger Battle

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – BUBBA burger® announced today that it will be returning to the beach in November to help produce Food Sport’s biggest burger battle yet at the 2017 World Food Championships. As one of America’s favorite quality-based, gluten-free products, BUBBA will be sponsoring the World Burger Championship in hopes of elevating burger to the ultimate food champion for the first time in WFC history.

“We think it’s time for burger to sizzle its way right to the top,” commented Andy Stenson, Vice President of Marketing for BUBBA. “It’s been so close numerous times, and last year’s field of contestants were truly amazing. So we will be starting that burger chant fast and furious this year at WFC!”

“Having BUBBA back for the fourth year in a row is an honor for our championship,” said Mike McCloud, CEO of WFC. “They have provided incredible products, support and passion for Food Sport, and I know the competitors enjoy working with Andy and his team.”

Like last year, up to 50 burger competitors will face off at WFC by first producing their burger of choice as a Signature dish. Then, BUBBA burgers will be provided as each contestant is challenged to a Structured build, rules for which will be announced on or before August 1st. The combined score of these two dishes will then determine the Top 10 finishers, who will then be faced with a final “Infusion” challenge. All three scores will be combined to determine the 2017 World Burger Champion, who will win a $10,000 prize purse and a trip to the Final Table.

At the Final Table, the World Burger Champion will try to win best dish at WFC as he or she competes against the champions in nine other categories – Bacon, Barbecue, Chili, Dessert, Recipe (with Chicken as the focus), Seafood, Steak, Sandwich and World Chef Challenge.

“To have our burgers featured in this world-class competition is simply incredible,” Stenson commented. “The culinary talent that is demonstrated at WFC is amazing, and it only gets bigger and better each year. So we can’t wait to see what the Food Champs do with our juicy, flavorful burgers. I’ll be right there in the judge’s tent to find out!”

As part of the sponsorship, BUBBA will also be hosting an online qualifier for a Golden Ticket to WFC. Details on this will be announced soon by WFC on its official social platforms.

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