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WFC Welcomes Biliner Water to Food Sport


WFC Welcomes Biliner Water to Food Sport

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – (July 22, 2016) As the competition heats up in Orange Beach, Alabama, one of our new partners will be helping Food Champs keep hydrated during the Ultimate Food Fight. This November, judges, competitors and staff will enjoy some of the freshest alkaline mineral and natural spring water from the Czech Republic, thanks to Biliner Water, who will be providing bottled samples throughout our 5th Anniversary.

“During WFC, it seems like we can never have enough water on hand, so we’re thrilled to welcome such a premium, fresh water partner like Biliner to the table,” said Mike McCloud. CEO of World Food Championships. “It’s also exciting to see the Czech Republic involved this way, as we look to add more global brands and competitors to our Food Sport family.”

Biliner Water was started in 1664 and comes from the heart of the old continent, in the historic town of Bilina, Czech Republic. The rare, natural water became available to the U.S. in 2012.

About Biliner Water

Biliner, oldest known Natural resource of Spring and Alkaline Mineral waters that are untouched by human hands with a proud rich history. These waters complement the human body that has a natural PH of 7.4, BILINER with its own natural PH of 7.4 with nothing added or taken away as nature intended. Highest quality all natural waters, A superior imported bottled water from a coveted European source.

For more information about Biliner, check out its website. To find out where you can buy Biliner, click here.

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