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WFC Introduces the #TasteofAmericaChallenge, a National State-by-State Qualifier


WFC Introduces the #TasteofAmericaChallenge, a National State-by-State Qualifier ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – (July 5, 2016) They say America is the melting pot of the World, so we’re going to find out! WFC is launching a United States qualifier to discover the best flavors and dishes American residents have to offer! So get out your appliances, sharpen your skills and strap on those aprons. It’s time to cook your way into the Ultimate Food Fight!

Whether it’s dessert, steak, sandwich, burger, bacon, breakfast, seafood, barbecue, or chili, we want to see the best recipe ideas (and execution!) you can dream up! At stake is your chance to compete in the 5th Annual World Food Championships for $10,000 in one of our categories, and then possibly $100,000 at the Final Table!

As the largest qualifier yet in WFC history, the Taste of America Challenge will open up 150 Qualifying Spots for WFC 2016. You have to be an American resident, 18 years of age, and represent your current home State of residence. Contestants will only be competing against each other in their State of residence, so make sure you show us what’s special in your neck of the woods!  Up for grabs are 3 Golden Tickets per State, with the first place winner in each State getting a FREE entry. So get cookin!

There are some key rules you’ll need to read, but here are the basics:

Phase One:

Your first task is simple. Create a fantastic recipe, and then post an original photo of your recipe on Instagram with the following: 1.) The title of the dish, 2.) Your regional or state-centric inspiration for the dish, 3.) Tag @WorldFoodChampionships  in the photo, 4.) use the hashtags #TasteofAmericaChallenge #WFC2016, and your State, ex. #Texas, 5.) and Follow us to see who wins!

But don’t forget to write down your secret recipe! The Top 5 photos chosen for each state will advance to Phase Two! WFC staff will contact you for the recipe details.

Phase Two:

In Phase Two, the Top 5 recipes will be closely analyzed so that our Food Champ Advisory Board can determine a First, Second, and Third place winner from EACH state. Then WFC will contact each of the winners via direct message.

The contest period will last from July 5- July 31st at 11:59pm. WFC will spend two weeks judging all entries from each of the 50 States, and winners will be contacted on or before Monday, August 15. Winners from every state will be announced on August 15, 2016 on the WFC news page and also on Facebook. Taste of America Challenge winners will have until September 15th to register for WFC 2015.

For official rules and regulations, click here.

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