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WFC Signs Deal to Expand Global Reach with Culinary Tourism


WFC Signs Deal to Expand Global Reach with Culinary Tourism

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – (July 1, 2016) The World Food Championships announced today an exclusive licensing and branding agreement with Build My Brand to assist in overseeing and expanding the event’s International licensing activities. The focus of the new partnership is to develop and foster culinary talent for the competition, as well as develop food tourism with countries around the world.

Now heading into its 5th Anniversary, the World Food Championships will be partnering with International tourism boards both on country and regional levels, as well as Event Promoters, to establish exclusive gateways into the biggest competitive Food Sport in the world. Almost 5,000 culinary professionals, ranging from home cooks and foodies to sous chefs and restaurant owners, have competed in the World Food Championships over the past four years.

“We have witnessed a ton of global interest, including international television shows, but we feel like we’re just scratching the surface,” said Mike McCloud, CEO of WFC. “So our goal is to foster this interest and facilitate a platform that brings forth the best culinary talent that countries and regions have to offer throughout the world.”

By partnering with WFC, which is an internationally televised event and leader in Food Sport, international licensees will be recognized as official and exclusive qualifiers for the WFC tournament, which is hosted by Orange Beach, Alabama, USA. The new licensing model provides access to intellectual property, licensing rights (marks, logos and claims) and branding packages that incorporate a multitude of culinary, competition and tourism benefits.

“Not only are we showcasing and promoting a country or a particular region for their native foods, but we are providing a fully developed platform to promote tourism and cultures through cuisine, drink and traditions that incorporate representatives from our International partners as part of our Embassy Eats program,” said Amrita Holden, CEO of Build my Brand in USA.

The International Qualifier programs will determine the top five winners to represent their Country at the 2016 WFC. The aspiring chefs will compete for spots in the following categories: Recipe, Dessert, Sandwich, Chili and Bacon. In addition to local prizes and bragging rights, each of the winners will earn a Golden Ticket into the WFC.

“We are thrilled to continue our expansion of the World Food Championships to include talented and decorated chefs from all over the world,” commented McCloud, who pointed out that many countries have already been represented at WFC. "We had 17 countries represented last year, and we believe these types of official qualifier programs will continue to make WFC a truly global event."

For specific information on how your Tourism Board, regional chefs or country can participate in this new program, contact Amrita Holden at

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