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Introducing WFC SHOWCASE!


Introducing WFC SHOWCASE!

We are constantly working to make the World Food Championships the most entertaining and informative Food Sport compeititon in the world, and a huge part of that focus is on our consumer programing for this year's WFC, occurring Nov. 8-15 in Orange Beach, Alabama at The Wharf.

So what does this mean for you, our competitors, chefs and partners? Now is the time to tell us how you would like to help out or get involved!

While the world's ultimate food fight gets under way at the Kenmore Kitchen Arena, our programming and interactive, educational stages will be focused on entertaining foodies from all walks of life....amateur cooks, tailgaters, budding pitmasters, and even major corporations looking for the newest innovations/ideas in culinary.

In other words, this is YOUR chance to impress the best of the best. From private educational sessions to public demos at our Sizzle Stage, we are providing time and space for up to 30 individuals or companies to bring their message to a global audience.

From now through August 15, simply submit your idea (via an email to on what you would like to do at the World Food Championships, how it is beneficial/educational to our audience, and why you think we should include you in our Showcase of talented speakers, presenters, and demonstrations.

We will review all submissions and announce our full line-up at the end of May. Then we will promote the line-up to the world, using our global platform of social media and digital network to introduce the 2016 World Food Championship Showcase.

The rules are simple. All ideas must fit within a 30-minute session, be informational and educational, while also focusing on Food Sport or culinary innovation/insights. We will provide all of the stage set up, audio/visual support necessary; you simply bring the knowledge, special products or insights, and a speaker for your demo time.

Ready to get started? Start Now! Simply send your ideas and overview to us at

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