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World Food Championships Names Humm Official Technology Sponsor - Bringing Real-Time Tech to Food Sport


World Food Championships Names Humm Official Technology Sponsor - Bringing Real-Time Tech to Food Sport

World Food Championships today announced that Humm will be the official Technology partner for the 2015 World Food Championships, taking place Nov 3-10 in Kissimmee, Florida. The WFC is the largest competition in food sport, where champions of previous events compete for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of $300,000.

“We are extremely excited to have Humm supporting the technology needs for World Food Championships,” said Mike McCloud, CEO of World Food Championships.“Over the past year, we have worked very closely with the Humm team, as they’ve fine tuned our scoring app and developed a new application for our judges to view competitor recipes on handheld tablets. We’ll be using their app in each round of our kitchen category competitions including the Final Table,” he said.

The app allows judges to quickly check the title and description of each recipe, which comes in handy when as many as 50 dishes can flood the judges tent at a time. In addition, Humm will have a large activation space next to the WFC’s Main Stage, to supply competitors and attendees with charging stations, wi-fi access, and big-screen TVs to follow competitor’s dish scores on their way to the Final Table.

Bernard Briggs, CEO of Humm, acknowledged that the World Food Championships brings a unique twist to the food competition world. There are mass amounts of information and photography needed for each competitor that has to be uploaded almost instantaneously for each category.

“Food Sport has traditionally been a pretty low tech operation,” said Briggs. “And it’s that lack of automation that can limit the size of an event, the number of entries and, in some cases, make it difficult to judge because judges need to thoroughly understand the dish they’re required to evaluate.”

In addition to the custom apps created for the event, Humm will also be collecting real-time feedback from competitors and attendees using Humm’s innovative feedback platform.

About Humm Systems

Every day, hundreds of companies rely on Humm to better understand and improve their customer experience in real time. Founded in 2012, Humm’s on-premise feedback platform helps restaurants and healthcare providers quickly collect and take immediate action on customer feedback before they ever walk out the door. Humm is headquartered in Austin, TX and used by more than 300 hospitality and healthcare brands including Yale-New Haven Hospital, Marriott, and Disney, with more than 850,000 pieces of feedback collected every month. For more information, visit


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