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Challenge Dairy Returns to World Food Championships as the Official Butter


 Challenge Dairy Returns to World Food Championships as the Official Butter

Challenge Butter is back in the pantry as the official butter of the 2015 World Food Championships and new to this year’s event, Challenge Cream Cheese will also be available.

“The competitors have come to expect that our pantry will offer the best ingredients to incorporate into great recipes, from creative to complex,” according to CEO, Mike McCloud. “We’re very pleased that Challenge Butter is again in the pantry mix as well as Challenge Cream Cheese.”

A leading supermarket brand with a 100-year history of selling quality dairy products, Challenge has become a favorite among World Food Championship competitors.

“Challenge products stand for a quality that was established more than a century ago when we were founded,” said Tim Anderson, SVP of retail and food service for Challenge Dairy Products, Inc. “By starting with the freshest cream from local dairies who care about their cows, we churn out a sweet cream butter unlike any other. It’s no surprise that our butter would be recognized as a prize ingredient among world renowned chefs and home cook competitors at the World Food Championships.” 

In addition to butter, Challenge will also be an official pantry product of this year’s event. Made the old fashioned way, Challenge Cream Cheese comes from fresh milk and cream from California cows not treated with growth hormones. The result is the creamiest, smoothest, freshest cream cheese available outside of homemade.

“For over 100 years we've been the West's favorite brand of butter. Now we're applying our tradition of quality to cream cheese,” continues Anderson. “We are beyond excited to offer competitors the opportunity to use an ingredient so close to homemade as our cream cheese that will surely make a real difference in the flavor of their dish.”

“Butter is a staple in nearly every dish that will be created at the World Food Championships and cream cheese isn’t far off,” said McCloud. “It’s only natural for a us to pair with a premium dairy partner like Challenge Butter to help some of the world’s best cooks and chefs create their amazing recipes. Many of our Chefs and home cooks would tell you that Challenge Butter is part of the secret for making award-winning recipes.” 

About Challenge Dairy Products, Inc.
Challenge Dairy is a wholly owned subsidiary of California Dairies Inc., the second largest dairy cooperative in the United States. Challenge is a cooperative association responsible for the marketing and distribution of dairy products produced from 450 large family-owned dairies. Through a long standing history as a manufacturer and distributor, Challenge Dairy Products, Inc has become proficient in providing product offerings in dairy fluids, butter, cheeses, eggs, salad dressings, desserts, ice cream, mayonnaise, oils and more. For more information about Challenge Dairy, its products and services, visit

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