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WFC Announces Second International Qualifier


WFC Announces Second International Qualifier

A top chef event in Poland is expanding its plans to become the Poland Food Championships, the newest International Qualifier for the World Food Championships, thanks to a new partnership between Creative Agency Eventic and MMA Creative, the parent company of WFC. The event, which celebrates Poland’s Top 100 Restaurants each year in September, will now conduct a competition to see who can represent Poland at the 4th Annual WFC in Kissimmee, Fla.

As the exclusive Polish pathway to WFC, the Poland Food Championships, held this year Sept. 5-6, will offer aspiring chefs a chance to compete for cash, bragging rights and a “Golden Ticket” that will cover travel expenses and entry fees into the 2015 WFC.

WFC CEO Mike McCloud said the agreement builds in size and scope over the next three years.

“Poland will be represented by a very talented chef in 2015,” he explained. “But starting next year, this event will develop ‘Team Poland’ to increase its representation into all of our categories, or into a new category that we are considering for international teams.”

 “We are very excited about bringing this new opportunity to Poland,” said Cezary Wolodko, CEO of Creative Agency Eventic.  “We are very confident that our champion will do well on the world stage in Florida and that they will bring a new and dynamic vision for recipes in the categories in which they will compete.”

Wolodko and McCloud agreed that the partnership is expected to be a long-term one with plans to increase in complexity and significance.

“The international flavors and traditions for creating food strengthens the level of competition for all of the food athletes in our event,” McCloud said. “It creates a source of surprise and intrigue that can only be achieved as world competitors face off in our unique challenges.”  

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