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Saucy Mama ready to spice up FoodFightWrite blogger’s summit


Saucy Mama ready to spice up FoodFightWrite blogger’s summit

Saucy Mama has become the presenting sponsor of the first food competition for bloggers at FoodFightWrite, the second annual blogging component of the World Food Championships.

"The Barhyte Specialty Foods brand, Saucy Mama, is a growing pantry of ‘must have’ sauces and flavors for all sorts of chefs and home cooks,” said Suzie “Saucy Mama” Barhyte, head of product development for Saucy Mama.

Mike McCloud, CEO of World Food Championships, scheduled for Nov 3 – 10 in Kissimmee, Fla., said that Saucy Mama discovered the World Food Championships when two things happened in 2013.

“First, one of our contestants became the runner up in a Saucy Mama contest and asked the brand if they would sponsor her in the sandwich category at the World Food Championships,” he explained, “and second, the Saucy Mama crew came to the event and saw for themselves what a major foodie event World Food Championships has become.”

Barhyte said that Saucy Mama has remained true to its Oregon-based roots of being a “mom and pop” store through its Sauce My Shelves program, which garners a grassroots following to encourage favorite stores to carry the brand.

“People across the food competition world are seeing the potential of using our unique flavors as the secret weapons of their recipes,” she added.

McCloud said that “seeing is believing” and that an onsite visit set the stage for Saucy Mama to become a key sponsor on the blogger side of WFC. Scheduled to start right before the main event, the blogger summit will last for three days, Nov 2 – 4, and culminate with the blogger cooking contest.

“We knew that the Bloggers Summit competition would be a perfect fit for these distinctive blends of spices and sauces as our bloggers set down their pens and throw on their aprons to show off their cooking talents,” McCloud said.

Slightly modified from last year, FoodFightWrite is now an invitational event that will feature 50 well-established food bloggers, who will be treated at no charge to a day of learning, a day of travel and discovery and a final day of competition.

“It is one thing to write about food sport, but it’s hard to really appreciate it until you’ve thrown your culinary skill on the line,” McCloud observed.

FoodFightWrite! is the first competition to take place in the 2015 World Food Championships Kenmore Kitchen Arena. Winners of the First Annual Saucy Mama Blogger Challenge will be announced at the Kick-Off Reception for the World Food Championships on Wednesday, Nov. 4. The public is invited to watch the Bloggers compete for bragging rights and cash prizes beginning at 11 a.m. in downtown Celebration, the heart of Kissimmee, Fla.

About Barhyte Specialty Foods
Barhyte Specialty Foods, based out of Pendleton, Oregon, has roots dating back 200 years and 6,000 miles away in Germany, where Jacobus Barhyte first created a sweet-and-sour mustard that he brought to the US.  Many generations later, Jan and Susan Barhyte began selling mustard from the original recipe, as well as other signature creations, through their Swift and Martin Station Deli.  Thanks to overwhelming demand, the family launched their own manufacturing operation in 1977. Today, the company offers more than 65 award-winning mustards, marinades, sauces, and other condiments through the Barhyte Specialty Foods and the Saucy Mama brand, as well as through co-branded and private label relationships. 

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