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Kansas City Steak Joins WFC in High Steaks Partnership!


Kansas City Steak Joins WFC in High Steaks Partnership!

The 4th Annual World Food Championships will feature extra sizzle and a new challenge for competitors this year thanks to a new partnership with The Kansas City Steak Company.

As an official sponsor of the WFC’s World Sandwich Championships, the Kansas City Steak Company’s top-of-the-line ribeye will be the featured product as contestants recreate the ribeye sandwich during the opening round of the food tournament, which is set for Nov. 3-10, 2015, in Kissimmee, Fla., with the winning ribeye steak sandwich to be featured at Arrowhead Stadium during a Kansas City Chiefs home game.

“World Food Championships is pleased to have Kansas City Steak as a new and integrated partner,” WFC CEO Mike McCloud said, explaining that Kansas City Steak will be integral to several new activities surrounding the 2015 competition.

“The ribeye sandwich is quickly becoming one of the country’s most popular sandwiches,” McCloud observed. “It is certainly appropriate that a solid company with an impressive history of providing quality meats should be involved in helping world-class competitors achieve their best.”

In business since 1932 and headquartered in Kansas City, Kan., the company exclusively sells and ships its corn-fed beef products and other meat, seafood and desert offerings directly to the consumer through its online store and catalog.

“The World Food Championships provides yet another way to let our national consumer base learn more about our products,” said John McKinven, President of The Kansas City Steak Company. “We were honored to be offered the opportunity to become involved in The World Food Championships in Kissimmee and its accompanying activities and competitions.”

One of those activities will be a bonus competition called the High Steaks Invitational, during which 10 champions will compete for a $5,000 prize, WFC and Kansas City Steak will each host an online Food Champs Recipe Contest launching July 30 that features Kansas City Steak ribeyes. The top winner of each recipe contest will be qualified to compete in World Food Championships with the chance to win $100,000 and the ultimate title of 2015 World Food Champion.

To learn more about the World Food Championships, visit For more about Kansas City Steak Company’s products, visit

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