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People drawn to Bystrica for Chili and Beer


People drawn to Bystrica for Chili and Beer
Banska Bystrica Guild innkeepers held in recent days a couple of interesting events. The first was Banska Bystrica Beerfest, where in Banska Bystrica ten well-known enterprises bring different brands of beers. Another big attraction was the second year of the Chilli Fiesta.

On Saturday in the Garden - Centre of Independent Culture hosted the second annual festival celebrating Slovakia chilli and spicy food - Chilli Fiesta 2014 Slovakia was a pleasant atmosphere on this beautiful sunny day with the performances of musicians Pas de Pitié! and Module. Chilli Fiesta Slovakia 2014 consisted of two exhibitions - Slovakia Regional Championships in cooking chili and Championship eating chilli peppers.

Before the spicy challenge stood six daredevils who had a humble ten chili peppers, and their heat is escalated each round. The first two contestants ended after the second round, when he tried Habanero Red Savina containing about 350 capsicin 00 scovillových units (SHU). Just for comparison, the classic Jalapeno, which can be bought in stores only has 10,000 SHU. Before the eighth round of the only two remaining contestants - Stanislav Argaláš and Roman Tabaček, which had overcome Trinidad Scorpion chilli (1,450,000 SHU). After this round, the opposition resigned and Roman is a winner, but nevertheless he rose to the greatest challenge and the najštipľavejšiu pepper in the world - Moruga Scorpion, which has a whopping 2,000,931 SHU.

The second category were Slovak Championship in cooking chili, a qualifying event for the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. Stood at the start,  the quality is clearly dominated over quantity. The guiding hand over the competition was the experienced Nestlé chef - Štefan Meszároš. The winning chili eventually came from Andreja Lehutu and his girlfriend Marušky of Sale. Wish them luck this November 2014, in Las Vegas.

TS Guild innkeepers, (photo: J. Chmelík, video M. Potančok) | 24.08.2014

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