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Reser's Picks Top 20 in Potato Salad Recipe Contest; Asks America to Vote


Reser's Picks Top 20 in Potato Salad Recipe Contest; Asks America to Vote

Reser’s third annual “America’s Best Potato Salad Challenge” asked potato salad lovers to submit their favorite potato salad recipe. Creative cooks across the country answered the call and submitted hundreds of original recipes showcasing this terrific tuber.   

“Our culinary team chopped, grilled, sautéed, boiled and fried hundreds of potatoes to recreate and evaluate this year’s submissions. We narrowed it down to our twenty favorites but now we need America’s help to select the top ten finalists,” states Teresa Carter, category manager.

Voting Now Open

Potato salad fans are invited to go to and vote for their favorite recipe. Voting closes August 30, 2014. The top ten recipe winners will each receive $750, plus a $1,000 travel stipend to compete at the World Food Championships where they will compete for the $5,000 grand prize. Contest updates will be posted on  Facebook and Twitter. Contestant’s scores will be weighted as follows: 75 percent based on Reser’s judging panel and 25 percent based on the online voting portion of the contest.

Top 20 Potato Salad Recipes (In random order)

  1. Jeanna's Potato Salad from Jeanna W. (MI)
  2. Chipotle Roasted Potato Salad Crowned with Candied Chipotle Bacon from Nancy V. (CA)
  3. Sweet And Spicy Potato Salad from Kelly T. (MN)
  4. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad from Melanie M. (TN)
  5. Whodat Crawfish & Andouille Tater Salad from Sherri W. (FL)
  6. Dilly Cucumber And Red Potato Salad from Barbara H. (MO)
  7. Garden Cilantro Potato Salad from Laurie L. (MA)
  8. Sesame-Ginger Asian Persuasion from Darlene B. (AZ)
  9. The Big Easy Muffuletta Potato Salad from Lauren W. (TX)
  10. Roasted Korean Firecracker Potato Salad from Naylet L. (FL)
  11. Slam Bam Thank you Ma'am Southern Grilled Sweet Potato Salad from Sean B. (NY)
  12. Ellie Mae’s German Potato Salad from Greg B. (AZ)
  13. Oven Roasted Potato Salad with Fresh Herb Chimichurri & Shaved Manchego from Jennifer  D. (CA)
  14. All Fired Up Peppy Petite Red Potato Salad w/ Charred Corn & Roasted Red Pepper from Julie B. (IL)
  15. Pan Seared Potato Salad Seville from Robin K. (FL)
  16. Roasted Corn & Poblano Potato Salad with Creamy Salsa Verde Dressing from Merry G. (CA)
  17. Roasted Potato Salad Mexicana from Linda M. (TX)
  18. Zesty Potato Salad Monterey from Tiffany A. (AR)
  19. Pineapple Bacon Potato Salad from Jan L. (OK)
  20. New Mexico Style Potato Salad from Amy M. (CA)

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