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WFC Announces Competition and Payout Updates


WFC Announces Competition and Payout Updates

We've got some great news and important updates that we'd like to share regarding this year's World Food Championships.

Category Payouts

First up, you may have seen the big news last month, but in case you didn’t, the World Food Championships has raised the stakes in a major way for 2014!  This year the World Food Champion will be presented a grand prize check of $100,000! That’s right…..SIX FIGURES TO THE CHAMP. If you're a professional chef like Robert Butler, or a backyard cook like Dave Elliott, you're looking at a life-changing sum of money.  Someone will be leaving Vegas with a jackpot stack of cash, and that someone could be YOU!!

To make this payday possible, we’ve made some adjustments in our standard payouts throughout the rest of the Championship. So read below and see how we’ll be doling out another $200,000 in cash to the various categories and top finishing contestants.

The Final Table

1st Place - $100,000
2nd Place - $10,000
3rd Place - $5,000

Kitchen Coliseum Categories (Bacon, Burger, Dessert, Pasta, Recipe, Sandwich, Seafood)

1st Place - $10,000
2nd Place - $5,000
3rd Place - $2,500

World Open Chili Championship

1st Place - $10,000
2nd Place - $5,000
3rd Place - $2,500

Red & Freestyle Categories

1st Place - $1,000
2nd Place - $500
3rd Place - $250

World Barbecue Championship

1st Place - $10,000
2nd Place - $5,000
3rd Place - $2,500
4th Place - $1,000
5th Place - $1,000
6th Place - $1,000
7th Place - $1,000
8th Place - $1,000
9th Place - $1,000
10th Place - $1,000

Ribs, Pork & Brisket Categories

1st Place - $1,000
2nd Place - $500
3rd Place - $250 

BBQ and Chili Updates

We have more good news. The Barbecue and Chili contestants will be closer to the action this year, as we’ve secured space at a new event center right behind the 3rd Street Stage (where all the awards were announced last year). This is a direct result of your suggestions and a new development by our host casino, The D Las Vegas, which now has a first-class, open-air facility that’s just one block away from Fremont Street and the Kenmore Kitchen Coliseum. The only challenge is that this new location is limited in space.  As a result, we will be limiting the field of BBQ competitors to 50. So... if you're looking to compete in the World Barbecue Championship and haven't accepted your invitation yet, you better move quickOver half of the spots are already taken and it's only August.

Another exciting update for the World Barbecue Championship competitors is this year's Bourbon, BBQ and Banjos rib fest that we will be held on Friday night. We would like ALL competitors to participate in the rib fest, and that’s why we will be providing ribs to each team and you will have a chance to earn extra revenue as a result, as well as a people’s choice prize purse! This is our way of making the event more consumer friendly, but also giving you an incentive that helps you earn back some of your expenses for showing up. Stay tuned for more updates on this! 

Upcoming Announcements

The official competition schedule will be announced next week.  We will be holding another Welcome Reception on Wednesday night.  For those of you who attended last year's event, you know how much fun the event was.

Judges assignments will start going out during the first week in September. If you applied to judge and received a letter of acceptance earlier this week, you have been selected and should make plans to attend.  If you have not submitted an application yet, there's still time for a few last minute assignments to go out.  Be sure to get those judges applications in quick!

The first draft of the 2014 competitor packet will be going out mid-to-late September. Competitors: keep an eye out for your info packets, because they have a few new important rules and competition details that you will need to know in Las Vegas.

Tickets and Hotels

If you haven't purchased your tickets to WFC entertainment and eating events, you are missing out! We've got a Rib Fest, People's Choice Chili, a Private Chef's Table Dinner with Ben Vaughn and so many more options.  Since you're going to be in Vegas anyway, don't miss your chance to enjoy the full experience of the 2014 food frenzy! 

We've also secured some unbelievable hotel room rates for our fans, competitors and judges.  Last year we completely sold out of 1500 rooms, plus an extension on top of that!  Don't wait until the last second to lock down your accommodations.  These rooms will sell out and the special rates won't be available once they're gone.  Book now!

WFC Super Regionals

Still looking for a way into the Championship?! For the first time, we have created Super Regional qualifiers that will allow 10 teams at each event to secure that coveted golden ticket! These events are like "mini-WFCs", only EASIER because you only have one round of competition. So what are you waiting for? We'll be using the same rules, which means it’s the perfect way for you to do a warm up and get used to our EAT(tm) judging methodology. Do well, and you'll be winning cash prizes and a FREE entry into the World Food Championships. From there... the sky is the limit!

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