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The Ultimate Bacon Experience


By Chef Allen Asch

As part of the World Food Championships there were two ticketed events: the first one was a training session for BBQ competition judging, and on Saturday November 9th the second event was a tasting event of bacon dishes prepared by the Culinary School, Le Cordon Bleu Las Vegas. This epic event is in its inaugural year and they already are planning on returning next year. The recipes that were prepared were a selection of the recipes created for 2013 Bacon World Championships.

The recipes were prepared by the students of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. The appetizer recipes included a moist and tender Bacon Bread Pudding, a seasonally appropriate Pumpkin Soup with maple bacon where the maple flavor permeated all parts of the soup. The appetizer section also included a Macaroni Salad with a slice of crispy bacon. The dessert section of recipes included Apple Pie with bacon chips, Brownies, Blondie's and Chocolate Truffles all studded with bacon pieces. The Chocolate Truffles were the highlight of the food I tasted. Most of the bacon used was maple bacon prepared by the sponsor, Wright Bacon. Visitors also received a shot of Bakon Brand Vodka that you could not expect a more bacon infused flavor from; my only thought here is that it might have been more exciting chilled or mixed with some tomato juice.

Obviously this event was a big hit, with the line for the early tasting event going around the corner. The first of the two 2-hour tastings was such a hit the line to get in continued for 45 minutes after the starting time. Everyone got in and there was no chance that they were going to run out of food.

The sponsor for the event was the Wright Bacon Company, which does a four-hour or double smoke for their bacon. The company spokeswoman said that the World Food Championships approached them to sponsor the event since they are considered the "biggest and best" bacon company. The company started in 1922 and still uses the same process to bring their product to market. They are a part of Tyson Foods now. They sell both wholesale and retail and have a 43% market share of stack pack bacon.

I, for one, am looking forward to a return next year and building on a great event.

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