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Best Burger in Oklahoma City headed to Vegas


Sandi Sheppard, winner of the Bull Burger Battle in Oklahoma City, has secured a coveted qualifying position to compete amongst the best cooks and chefs in the world at the second annual World Food Championships. The World Food Championships, boasting a $300,000 prize purse, will be held Nov. 7-10 in Las Vegas.

The Bull Burger Battle – Oklahoma City, which took place at Family Leisure, is the third of five burger cook-offs to qualify the best burger cooks in five local markets to compete in the ultimate competition for food supremacy.  By winning the Bull Burger Battle, Sandi Sheppard also took home a premium Bull Outdoor Angus grill ($2500 ARV) and a free trip to Las Vegas to compete in the World Burger Championship at the World Food Championships in November. 

The World Burger Championship will feature 50 of the world’s best burger cooks, chefs and restaurants all competing for their share of the competition’s total prize purse of $25,000.  The winner of the World Burger Championship will take home a check for $10,000 and compete against six other category champions at the World Food Championships’ Final Table for a shot at an additional $50,000.

“The opportunity to compete in an event as large as the World Food Championships is a huge accomplishment,” said Mike McCloud, President and CEO of Trybe Targeting, the company producing the World Food Championships. “Sandi will now get a chance to represent Bull Outdoor Products and all of Oklahoma City against more than 400 world-class cooks and chefs. This is truly a great honor!”   

A Norman resident and art director at a local sign and design shop, Sheppard has found cooking competitions to be her escape from the working world. Her winning recipe, entitled the ‘Big Bite Best-of-the-Bull Burgers’, sent judges into a feeding frenzy over the three-meat patty of ground brisket, bison and beef chorizo sitting on a spread of chipotle bacon-smoked mustard aioli. This monster-burger was then topped with grilled kale and a unique relish, followed by a smoky chipotle-tequila tomato jam. Sheppard’s goal was to create a burger of valiant southwestern flavor infusions, perfecting a combination of heat, sweet, crunch and salt. Her efforts worked and left the judges scrounging for more.

Sheppard was prompted to enter her first cooking competition as she embarked on a project to remodel her kitchen in 2010. Her first competition was the National Cornbread Cook Off, where she was chosen as one of 10 finalists and she hasn’t looked back since. 

“Winning this event means so many different thing to me,” said Sheppard, of the Bull Burger Battle. “First, it’s a chance to compete against the best cooks and chefs in the world, both amateur and professional. Secondly, I’m hoping this might open some doors for me into a future cooking show, either network or online.” Sheppard also notes she is looking forward to meeting up with many of the “talented cooking compadres” she’s gotten to know through the online cooking competition community.

With plans to “win big” at the World Food Championships, Sheppard is looking forward to competing with Team Bull and making Oklahoma proud this fall.

In 2013, the World Food Championships will be a tournament-style competition inclusive of several rounds leading to the all-defining moment at the Final Table where the champions from the seven competing categories will vie for the ultimate World Food Champ title in front of a panel of food celebrity judges. This year’s categories are: Barbecue, Chili, Burger, Sandwich, Dessert, Bacon and Recipe.     

Final scores for the Bull Burger Battle - Oklahoma City

Competitor Name of Recipe Overall Execution Appearance Taste
Sandi Sheppard Big Bite Best-of-the Bull Burgers 87.1667 33 36 33
Christopher Grove All "Greeked" Out Burger 84 33 31 33
Dusty Johnston Burger Explosion 82.3 32 29 31
Fred Ginn Gaucho Burger 81.833 32 29 32
Annie Swink The King Kamayamaya Burger 80.667 31 28 32
Derek Swink The Mechanics Burger 77.833 28 25 33
Jack Bowers Dixie Rebel the Mechanic's Helper 76.667 30 31 30
Brad Vincent The Original Theta Burger 69.5 27 26 27

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