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WFC Basic Cooking Equipment Announced


The WFC announced today the standard competitor cooking equipment setup for the Bacon, Burger, Dessert, Recipe and Sandwich Categories.

Each team will be provided basic cooking equipment to use throughout the competition either through individual allotments or shared use in the communal cooking hardware area of the outdoor kitchen. Teams will receive: access to refrigeration, access to an oven, a stovetop burner, and access to a grill. Competitors will also have access to a communal US Foods pantry with general use food items. Competitors should provide their own cooking utensils and ingredients not provided in the pantry.  Teams are permitted to bring their own cooking hardware or equipment, provided it fits within the team’s 10’ x 10’ competition area.

The 2013 World Food Championships is looking forward to welcoming more than 400 competitors to Las Vegas this November. The city will soon be sizzling, smoking and sweetened like never before as hundreds of the best in competitive BBQ, Chili, Burger, Sandwich, Bacon, Dessert and Recipe categories take over. A piece of the $300,000 prize purse and bragging rights to last a lifetime is all on the line. Stay up to date and find out how you can be a part of the action at or 

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