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WFC Announces New Date & Tournament-Style Process


Las Vegas — Producers of the second annual World Food Championships announced today that the 2013 event date has been moved to the second weekend of November to accommodate several new developments. The new dates for the World Food Championships, which will still be held in Las Vegas, will now be Nov. 7 through Nov. 10.

“Primarily, we are making it possible to introduce an exciting, tournament-style format to our championships that will require a longer week of operations and activities,” said Mike McCloud, President and CEO of Trybe Targeting, the firm that launched the World Food Championships in 2012. “Other positive outcomes of the new date are that we were able to eliminate some conflicts with other events, notably two large competitions in Terlingua, Tex., and an event in Laughlin, Nev., that many of our competitors may want to attend as well.”

The 2013 World Food Championships will once again feature seven official categories, with competitions that crown a champion in each category. The seven champions then compete head-to-head at the Final Table for fame, fortune and the title of World Food Champion.

The seven featured categories and respective prize purses in 2013 will include:

World Barbecue Championship $50,000
World Open Chili Championship $25,000
World Burger Championship $25,000
World Sandwich Championship $25,000
World Dessert Championship $25,000
Bacon World Championship $25,000
World Recipe Championship (with a specific food theme) $25,000

The World Food Championships’ Final Table prize purse will feature an additional $75,000 in cash, $50,000 of which will go to the World Food Champion in addition to their category championship earnings.

The “tournament style” cook-off process that will be featured in 2013 will involve an opening Category “Challenger” Round, a Category “Finals” Round, and then the crowning moment at the Final Table.

In each category competition, the Challenger round will be conducted over one of two days – Thursday, Nov. 7 or Friday, Nov. 8.  Competitors in each category will have to produce multiple entries or “builds” to showcase their talents and culinary skills. The entries will once again be judged by the EAT methodology, which evaluates each entry on execution, appearance and taste (except in the World Barbecue Championship, which will feature a modified KCBS judging process). The top point getters in each category will then be identified and advanced to the Category Finals, or the “money round,” which takes place on Saturday, Nov. 9.

During the Category Finals, each of the finalists will be required to produce specific category recipe builds to once again challenge their skills and please the taste buds of the judges.  All Category Finals competitions will be conducted and judged on Championship Saturday and one champion from each category will be selected to move on to the Final Table on Sunday, Nov. 10.

At the Final Table, seven category champions will face off for the ultimate food title and additional grand prize purse winnings.  They will have to impress a star-studded panel of food experts and celebrities and watch the fireworks as the process of elimination begins.

All base kitchen and cooking equipment or supplies that will be provided by the World Food Championships will be announced by June 15th, 2013. Competitors will be responsible for their own pantry items other than supplies and pantry specialties that may be featured in specific recipes as determined by the World Food Championships. These exceptions will be announced 45 days prior to the WFC, unless surprise challenges are featured as part of the process.

All qualified, accepted and registered competitors will be required to check-in on Wednesday, Nov 6.  Online registration for the 2013 World Food Championships will begin on April 15.

The World Food Championships will update all competition and competitor information monthly, including full competitor packets, which will be distributed on July 31, 2013.

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