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Final Table Q&Q - John McFadden


Final Table Q&Q - John McFadden

Name: John McFadden
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Currently Resides: Mona Vale, Northern Beaches

Q: Who or what is your inspiration?
A: My family, my wife has supported my career all her life. She has encouraged me, believed in me and pushed me as a chef, husband and father. She has stood beside me and i will be forever grateful for her selflessness. Im honoured to be a dad and push to inspire my family every day.

Q: How long have you been cooking?
A: I started in the kitchen at the age of 12.

Q: What motivated you to get into Food Sport?
A: I had not competed in over 30 years. I wanted to benchmark myself against others and see if my passion and desire to do great things could be realised.

Q: How many times have you competed at WFC?
A: Twice, winning back to back World Seafood Championships, then Final Table. Pushing to go back-to-back World Food Championship titles.

Q: What is the name of the dish you won your category with at the 2023 WFC?
A: Salmon, crab & lemon mosaic, crab remoulade, lemon crumble

Q: Tell us a little about that dish.
A: The brief was to highlight lemon seasoning mix from fiesta and crab from Sam's Club. Encrusting the salmon in lemon seasoning and seaweed powder really enhanced the flavour profile. It was wrapped with a crab & scallop mousse and rolled in nori offering umami flavours, before being poached. The crabmeat was finished with mustard, chives, lemon rind, mayonnaise, creating a remoulade which was garnished with a savoury lemon crumble and lemon balm.

Q: What do you like most about competing in WFC?
A: I love the fact you are embraced and welcomed from the moment you arrive and well after you leave. The sense of camaraderie, have fun, work hard really resonates with you.

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced at WFC?
A: Would be the change of season from Australia to the USA and produce availability.

Q: What would a Final Table win mean to you?
A: Would blow my socks off! As a shy young kid growing up in the country, winning back-to-back World Food Championships on the world stage and being the first ever would be the pinnacle of my career. Nothing could ever top that.

Q: Any advice you'd like to share with competitors new to WFC?
A: Embrace every minute, it will stay with you for a lifetime.

Q: What is something few people know about you?
A: As a junior I played representative Rugby League and had the opportunity to play professional.

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