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Award-Winning Chefs Treat Home Cooks With Hershey’s Halloween Recipes


Award-Winning Chefs Treat Home Cooks With Hershey’s Halloween Recipes

Thanks to a new initiative by the World Food Championships (WFC), HERSHEY and Walmart, recipe hunters won’t have to creep around the cupboard this year for sweet or scary confection ideas. In fact, a series of new videos featuring WFC’s award-winning chefs will make treats for this Halloween truly spooktacular. 

“From inspiration to affordable and easily accessible ingredients, these new recipe ideas will take the fear out of family cooking this Halloween,” commented WFC President Mike McCloud. “Our top-tier chefs — who have earned a position in the Walmart Chef program — are constantly developing simple, but creative recipes that feature great brands like HERSHEY’S. Cooking at home with flair has never been easier, especially with the video support that the Walmart Chefs provide to demonstrate every step of the way.”

The newly released Halloween recipes include HERSHEY’S Halloween Crispy Treats, Cute and Creepy Halloween Spiders, and Pumpkin Bars with Milk Chocolate Glaze. Each recipe has a short, instructive video that walks viewers through the ingredients and each cooking step or prep process. They are available at no charge on the Walmart Chef’s Halloween Recipes YouTube playlist.

“Halloween is a season that offers a variety of different ways to celebrate, including making sweet treats and creepy desserts. We are excited to join forces with the Walmart Chefs to provide these fun and tasty recipe video tutorials,” said Jon Davis, GM/VP Walmart and Sam’s Club for HERSHEY’S.

About Walmart Chefs

The Walmart Chefs are a team of award-winning competition cooks and chefs that are selected based on performance at a rigorous cooking challenge during the annual World Food Championships. The event occurs each fall in Dallas, Texas, where hundreds of passionate cooks enter their best recipes and then compete in numerous cooking challenges to see if they make the cut in one of ten categories. Once victorious and selected to participate in the Walmart Chef program, the cooks then ideate, test and create recipes that are fun, easy and affordable for today’s home cook.

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