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The Jelly Queens Announce Biscuits and Jampionship Top Ten Finalists


The Jelly Queens Announce Biscuits and Jampionship Top Ten Finalists

After two rounds of intense virtual competition, ten finalists have earned their spot into the second annual Biscuits and Jampionship challenge, where they will battle for the royal title of “Jelly Queen/King”. The competition’s final challenge is set to be held during the 2021 World Food Championships’ (WFC) Main Event at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. 

Earlier in the year, The Jelly Queens hosted the Biscuits and Jampionship’s first round of competition, where chefs and home cooks around the country were challenged to create their very own interpretation of a Honey-Butter Chicken Biscuit and submit it via email. Along with emailing the biscuit recipe, each contestant was required to mail two jars of their original jam to The Jelly Queens headquarters to be judged. The top sixteen entries advanced to the second round.

In round two, contestants were required to submit an original pickle recipe to The Jelly Queens. This time, only the cooks with the top ten cumulative scores were chosen to compete in the contest’s finale, which was originally set to take place at the 2020 WFC Main Event, but due to COVID-19 cancelation, will now be postponed to 2021.

“The pickle challenge was even more fun than jelly. It’s my favorite event ever!” said The Jelly Queen Owner, Donna Collins. “Everyone did a great job! I was so glad I did not have to judge, but I did get all the leftovers.”

Biscuits and Jampionship Top Ten Finalists are:

  1. Vanguelis Pablopulos

  2. Shania Waters

  3. Lois Szymanski Spruytte

  4. Jackie Seavey

  5. Judy Burton Beaudin

  6. Jaye Norris

  7. Christina Trikoris

  8. Amy Fossett

  9. Jennifer Nystrom

  10.  Lisa Keys

These ten talented cooks will go head to head in November 2021 for a sweet cash prize. The top three scoring dishes will receive $2,000, $1,000 and $500 respectively. 

The first-place winner will not only receive the cash prize, but will also be rewarded with a waived Golden Ticket into WFC 2022 and a “Jammin’ With The Jelly Queens” weekend, where they will have the opportunity to cook in The Jelly Queen’s FDA approved kitchen. 

The lucky winner will get to cook and jar one case of their own jam and one case of their own pickles at no expense to the winner. The weekend trip includes a complimentary two-night Airbnb stay along with daily family-style meals made fresh from The Jelly House.

To stay up-to-date on all Food Sport news, follow the World Food Championships on Twitter (@WorldFoodChamp), Facebook and Instagram (@WorldFoodChampionships).

About the World Food Championships

The World Food Championships (WFC) is the highest stakes food competition in the world. This multi-day, live event culinary competition showcases some of the world’s best cooks who compete for food, fame and fortune in 10 categories (Bacon, Barbecue, Burger, Chef, Dessert, Recipe, Sandwich, Seafood, Soup and Steak). In 2019, more than 450 culinary teams from 11 countries and 42 American states competed in WFC’s Main Event. In August, the 10 Category Champs faced-off in the $100,000 challenge that determined a new World Food Champion at The Final Table: Indianapolis. The 8th Annual World Food Champion will be revealed Oct. 3rd on the Cooking Channel.

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