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Food Champ Rankings


Welcome to the World Food Championships' (WFC) Food Champ Rankings Program! WFC is now able to rank its competitors before its main event in Dallas, TX this November. With this updated system, the rankings are based on key parameters of a competitor's Food Sport history, victories, top 10s and years of experience in WFC's categories.

Want to find out how you rank? Simple. First, you have to register for the WFC 2022 event. Next, you’ll need to log into your Competitor Account (here) and complete the WFC Food Sport Ranking Profile. Our staff will then review your profile and either approve or ask for clarifications by the next release of the rankings, which will be updated each Wednesday at Noon CST.

Besides the weekly guessing game of who will register and move up the in the rankings next, that's all there is it to it!

Who has what it takes to live up to their potential and perform where it matters most–at the 2022 World Food Championships?!

Check back soon to see the first release of the Food Champ Rankings!