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We're excited to see the field of competitors who have already won their golden ticket and registered to compete at the 2022 World Food Championships. And we are always proud to announce our special guests and celebrity judges participating in our judging events across the nation - we're sure the championship food certainly helps! Best of luck to our 2022 competitors!


Moodswing BBQ

HEAD COOK: Sunny Moody

COMPETITION: World Invitational Steak Championship - SCA

Sunny is the 2021 WFC Steak Category Champion and has received numerous awards, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion plus multiple 1st place finishes in many categories in BBQ and Grilling. After a life altering diagnosis of a brain and spinal malformation along with MS, Sunny went through a major lifestyle transformation losing 80 pounds which ignited a fire inside her to become a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer. She now develops recipes some of which include wood, smoke, and seasonings to infuse flavor to create healthy options. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than teaching others how to create mouthwatering food through BBQ and Grilling. Moodswing BBQ was founded by Sunny and Jeff Moody as a professional competition BBQ team. What started as a passion for backyard BBQ and live fire cooking with family and friends has evolved into a full-fledged, high profile professional competition BBQ team. Sunny, Jeff and their four daughters (ages 5 to 14) travel across the country competing in Kansas City Barbecue Society (“KCBS”), Steak Cookoff Association (“SCA”), Memphis in May, and Georgia Barbecue Association (GBA) events. Despite the accomplishments as a family and numerous awards won on the competition circuit, their true passion is sharing the joy of BBQ, grilling and live fire cooking with others. Through partnerships with some of the most respected brands in BBQ such as B&B Charcoal and Kosmos Q, they are able to share their knowledge of BBQ and grilling through social media as well as live classes and demonstrations. It is their hope and mission to inspire BBQ and grilling enthusiasts everywhere, from backyard BBQ novices to seasoned pit masters, to find the same passion in live fire cooking that has brought so much joy and fulfillment to their own family.