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We're excited to see the field of competitors who have already won their golden ticket and registered to compete at the 2022 World Food Championships. And we are always proud to announce our special guests and celebrity judges participating in our judging events across the nation - we're sure the championship food certainly helps! Best of luck to our 2022 competitors!


Crimson Q

HEAD COOK: Heather Sinyard

COMPETITION: World Barbecue Championship - EAT Division

Had a love of cooking at a very young age thanks to some amazing cooks in my family like my Italian great grandmother and my mom. Decided to attend culinary school in mid 90s at the Art Institute in Atlanta. I've had a lot of great culinary opportunities since then including a few years working for a high end catering company in London and owning and operating my own bar and grill in Helen, Georgia for a few years. My husband and I have been competing in Competition BBQ for the past 7 years as Crimson Q, honing our pitmaster skills. We've progressively improved with many top ten finishes and almost always at least one top ten category finish per contest this year. For the past 3 years, I competed in the WFC Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice contest in Orange Beach for the last 3 years finish 9th year 1, 4th year 2 and came in a close second place last year to a fellow Georgian. Our BBQ adventures will be slowing down a lot over the next year since we crossed a bucket list item off our big list and bought a hobby farm. We are currently figuring out life with goats, a bunny and our dogs at the new farm with hopes of adding quite a few new characters to the mix! I'm looking for ways to stay involved in food sport that don't require as much traveling as professional BBQ. This year, I'm jumping into the kitchen arena to get a taste of the excitement there and bringing along my favorite sous chef, Chere Amend to help again! Looking forward to learning a whole new side to food sport outside of BBQ!