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We're excited to see the field of competitors who have already won their golden ticket and registered to compete at the 2022 World Food Championships. And we are always proud to announce our special guests and celebrity judges participating in our judging events across the nation - we're sure the championship food certainly helps! Best of luck to our 2022 competitors!


Dan's Paper Plate

HEAD COOK: Daniel Person

COMPETITION: World Chef Challenge

Hello Friends And Foodies! My Name is Chef Daniel Person, I’m The Former Owner Of "Dan's Paper Plate" Restaurant, Current Owner Of The Famous Facebook Food Blog Sensation Under The Same Name, And Would Say I’m Best Known For My Culinary Excellence, Awards, Achievements, Media Following, Friendly Persona And Am Celebrated For Preparing Farm-Fresh, Sustainably Thoughtful, Flavorful Food, in a New, Exciting, Even Original Way, With My Well-Rounded, Country-Style, Homemade, Award Winning Recipes, From This Beautiful Home Surrounding All That Inspires Me, Right Here In The Lancaster, “Dutch Country” Reigon Of Pennsylvania! ...Creator of "The Queens Soup" / A.K.A "Dans Pennsylvanian Hearty Ham and Bean Soup" Served Under One Of Her Majestys Most Talented Chefs, And Royal Warrant Holders, Deb Steward, Who Headlines Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham Estate Cafe, Christmas Jubilee, Royal Events, And Much, Much More, Has Made Several Of My Original Dishes Throughout The Course Of Our Friendship. ...I Have Also Had a Handful of My Original Works And Food Concepts Served at Her Majesty's Sandringham Cafe, Like My Cherry BBQ Recipe, Country Fried Steak, And Shepard’s Pie Burgers, As Her Chefs Became Some of My Dearest Friends, Taking Me Under their Wing, Who've Kindly Endorsed Some Of My Best Works By Recreating them for Their Menus! ...I Have Also Appeared Several Times, Almost Weekly in Fact, on Local, and National News Segments ...Not Just for My "Queens Soup", (*Selling out Weekly at Approx. 450 Qt. A day Every Tuesday, at My Tuesday's Only, Restaurant stand / "Roots Farmers Market, Manheim, PA) ...Filming Many of My Original Pennsylvania Dutch, And Other Top-Selling Recipes To the Greatest Acclaim, Then, Through seeking out any Charities, Community Fundraisers, or People Who Needed Help, I Shared Every Ounce Of My Spotlight With Those great Causes, Hoping To Take Everything I Did That was Even Remotely Celebrated And Turning It Around in an Even Bigger Way By Helping All Of Those Deserving People or Causes Which Really Extended The Life Of Any, And Every, Single Good Thing Made or Done, as I Wanted to watch it live on And Help Others, I Even Created What I Like To Call Many Of My Own “Good Deeds Missions” Making People Feel Extra Special with a Helping Hand, Tasty Food, And a True Friend Behind it All! Those “Good Deeds” Always Turned Into Countless Partnerships with Charitable Organizations, Fundraisers, Community Benefits, Real People And Causes I could Physically Witness Being Benefitted In A Great Way With Every Ounce Of Help Of Attention I Could Give Them, And More... ...Because I Truly Have a Passion To Help Others, Befriending and Improving the World One Smile And Serving At a Time!” ...My Heart and Passion is, And Will Always Be About My Love Of People, Animals, Those Without a Voice And serving others, That Is One Of the “Best-Known” Things about Me, That I Will Always Love Helping Local Communities, Organizations And Others That Help Benefit Stronger, Happier, Healthier Communities, Meanwhile, Building Strong Partnerships with Farmers And Seeing That Motion Of Kindness in Action “From Seed, All The way To Those in Need” ...Sustainability is also Of the Utmost importance to Me as a chef, I "Waste Not, Want Not", Honoring all Materials By Giving Them Their “Best Treatment” Imaginable, as I Always Say, “It Takes a Lot Of Energy For Something To Grow, We Should Honor That as Best We Humanly, Possibly Can! ...This Practice is Seen Translated All through My Food Concepts, Culinary Creativity, Work & Love of Teaching, as I Invest much of My time voluntarily Producing My Food Blog On Both My “Dans Paper Plate” And Personal Chef Pages... Helping Others Understand Food Thoroughly, Where it comes from, The way it’s All Produced, Harvested, And How it Can Benefit Them & Their Families’ Lives, At My “Worldwide Table” Where Everyone Gathers, From the World's Biggest Brand Ambassadors, Businesses, Home Chefs, Television, Stage, Screen & Home Shopping Personalities, To those Top-Tier Chefs who Work Very Hard, Every Day, In The Greatest Restaurants Around the World And Can Be Found At Highly Renowned Competitions Like The WFC! ...All These Wonderful Friends And More, Gather At One Great Big, Beautiful, All-Inclusive Place For Me, To Tune in And See What I’m Serving Up Next! I Am Proud and Thankful to the WFC & Everyone who Has Supported Me and My Work, For Being Invited to Attend The 2018 World Food Championships And For Being Placed Into The “World Chef Challenge” By “Special Invitation” It is such an Honor, And I’m Here To Win It All! I Dedicate this Incredible, Once in a Lifetime Invitation, to My Mother, Who Throughout Her Life Has Taught Me so Much about Unconditional Love, Kindness, Selflessness And Sacrifice, She Would Be Beaming With Such Pride for Me, I Miss Her Every Moment, And Hope To Win This for Her And To Honor Her Commitment To Raising a Loving, Loyal, Talented Young Man, Because in My Lifetime She Was My Greatest Infleuence, Strength, And Best Friend! I would also Like To Dedicate This All To My Family, Steven, Our Airedales, Toby, Canyon, And Banner, Who are All My Greatest Blessings in Life! I Also Would Like To Mention My Deepest Thanks To Every Friend Out there Imaginable, Who Has Blessed My Life Immeasurably, And Believed In Me So Much! They All Mean the World To Me and I’m doing this for Every Single One Of Them! -Chef Dan Person