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2014 Super Regionals

Presented by Kenmore

While the table is being set for the World Food Championships, here's your appetizer: the WFC Super Regionals.

At the WFC Super Regionals, home cooks, chefs and culinary professionals have the opportunity of a lifetime to take part of the world's highest stakes food competition. At each of the Super Regional events, competitors will whip up their best dishes, aiming to succeed in each of the three key judging criteria, as determined by the World Food Championships' proprietary judging method, EAT™ - Execution, Appearance and Taste.

Four cities in the US will play host to a WFC Super Regional, each offering three of the WFC's overall nine categories to compete in. Whether you've got a hankering sweet tooth, the know-how to stack a slammin' sandwich or you consider yourself one heck of a burger boss, you've just gotta take a bite out of a WFC Super Regional before diving in to the main course.

If you're hungry for the WFC, but haven't qualified just yet, don't let a WFC Super Regional pass you by.

Check back for upcoming location and date announcements soon!

Note: Available competition categories may vary by city.