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Competitor Profile

Chef Roddey

HEAD COOK: Michael Roddey

COMPETITION: World Seafood Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: WFC Online Recipe Contest

Since graduating high school in Central PA, Chef Roddey has been traveling the country developing his culinary prowess. He has spanned from Upstate New York to Fairbanks, Alaska. He recently completed the circle landing back in Central PA. Having worked in capacities from Personal Chef to Sushi Chef, Professor to Pastry Chef within resorts, restaurants, and TV & Movie Catering, Chef Roddey has developed an aptitude and proficiency for many aspects of the industry.
He is active in promoting local foods and delivering the message to the diverse audiences he encounters throughout his many affiliations. Chef enjoys the outdoors and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle which is the message he delivers through his food.
Reinforcing his time and dedication to the industry he holds numerous credentials from various professional organizations, such as the American Culinary Federation & the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals. He serves as a trainer, educator, mentor and collaborator within both industry and education. He is continually in pursuit of life-long learning and professional development opportunities. He now serves as the President & Principal Consultant for Gastronomic Services & Consulting, Inc.

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