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HEAD COOK: Kathleen Harman

COMPETITION: World Seafood Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: WFC Online Recipe Contest

I am a married, mom of 2, with my husband being my willing taste tester. My obsession with cooking began with my father challenging me to make different things, to which I responded by running to the library (no internet at that time) and scouring books and magazines for recipes. Thanks to him, I am a self-taught home cook that normally specializes in cookies, jams, jellies and baked deliciousness. One of my greatest joys in life is watching someone bite into something that I made and make that noise – you know that noise- “The oh my goodness this is yummy” noise followed by can I have another one please? Music to my ears. After much pushing, thanks Tony, I entered my first contest at the Maryland State Fair and actually won some ribbons. The bug bit and I have been entering local and State contests in Maryland and Pennsylvania After winning several awards, I came to realize that I might just be… a good cook. I am here to put it to the test.

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