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Competitor Profile

Heather Walker

HEAD COOK: Heather Walker

COMPETITION: World Dessert Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: FoodChamp Challenge - Dessert

I'm a healthy food blogger, competitive home-cook, working mommy and avid yogi. Most of my meals and recipes consist of fresh, healthy meats, fruits and vegetables. But, when it comes to desserts, I'll quote the great Libbie Summers when she says, "There's no sense in firing up the oven if you're not making something so good it hurts!"
My desserts are only made with the best possible ingredients. They may be organic, they may be gluten-free, they may be fair trade or locally grown. One thing is for certain: I pour my heart and soul into every morsel, every ingredient, every step and every bite.
You'll be begging for more by the end of my desserts. Bring a healthy appetite, your sweet tooth, and maybe even a drool cloth. You're gonna need it.

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