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Competitor Profile

B52 Burgers

HEAD COOK: B-52 Burgers and Brew Reese

COMPETITION: World Burger Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: Twin Cities Burger Battle

Raised in restaurants, I love being creative. My father is Japanese and had a successful run in sushi restaurants in the Twin Cities. My mother was a farmer's daughter from Valley City, ND. These two completely different backgrounds have brought me to where I am today. I love to absorb my surroundings and let them impact my recipes. We have a great team. I work with Adrian who is very talented in the Kitchen as well. Together we love to play with all sorts of fun combinations. Many things don't work but when we find success it turns into the best burger of the Twin Cities! I have no formal schooling other than my passion of cooking. It has never been a job; only the fun of feeding people food that we all like to eat. I think this approach to cooking has allowed us to think outside of the box and try literally everything!

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