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Competitor Profile

The Art Institute of Indianapolis

HEAD COOK: Caleb Anderson

COMPETITION: World Chef Challenge

QUALIFYING EVENT: WFC Student Competition: Art Institute of Indianapolis

Food has always been a part of my family and growing up. From my grandmother and mother I have learned my way around a home kitchen. And under the instruction of the faculty at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Indianapolis I have learned my way around food in a commercial kitchen. I am only 19 so my experience list is not too long, but I have had the opportunity to cook with some of the most awesome chefs here in Indianapolis. I have had the opportunity to work with Chef Craig Baker and Chef John Adams, local chefs here in Indianapolis as well as celebrity chefs Chef Ben Vaughn and Chef Kari Karch at multiple events here in town. I was even blessed with the opportunity to work with Chef Giuseppe Tentori and his crew from “GT Fish & Oyster” at the “Food Network in concert” in Chicago. Not to mention the faculty at the Art Institute, they have opened so many doors and have given me a knowledge to thrive in this insane industry. And now going forward the sky is the limit.

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