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Competitor Profile

Dirty Good

HEAD COOK: Heather Manley

COMPETITION: Bacon World Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: 2013 World Food Championships

Heather's looking forward to her 2nd visit to the World Food Championship in 2014!
Heather grew up in a foodie family and is obsessed with food, cocktails and creation. This passion to create sparked her to create Heather's Dirty Goodness, Inc., a spice company in Minnesota ( All of Heather’s Dirty Good products enhance and highlight flavors of what they are intended to be paired with and many times, things they were not intended to be paired with. One thing is consistent, the rubs are damn good on everything. They have a mission to create rubs that consist of unique high quality ingredients, lower salt and high flavor. Mission accomplished.
Heather also owns Crooked Water Spirits, a company focused on uniquely finishing spirits such as bourbon, gin and whiskey. They look forward to bringing their Craft Single Barrel Bourbon to market summer of 2014.
Heather hopes that her spice line and bourbon can help her succeed at the 2014 WFC. Regardless, she'll still have a bottle of bourbon. Win Win.

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