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HEAD COOK: Stephen Coe

COMPETITION: Bacon World Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: 2013 World Food Championships

I am a Competitive Chef who's 25 years of Award winning Olympic style competitions in Culinary and Pastries have led me to be an elite in my field. There are many chefs, But none with the drive and experience as I have gained, I stand alone! I surround myself with only the best people and products allowing me to have the cutting edge above the rest.

I provide a rustic style of plating through modern and trendy techniques. Gatherings from Intimate, Multi course tasting menus to multi person Customized Events, We are up for the Challenge!
Defined Palate is the mentality of a tight network of Rogue Chefs that I surround myself with and we are fearless industry professionals who stretches the limits ... challenges the boundaries... Mavericks! I pride myself by providing excellence in service and execution. I support local purveyors and bring Farm to Table to reality! Limitless is the fuel that feeds me with every guest, private event or dinner party. I offer Private Chef Services, Restaurant Consulting, Cooking Classes, Re-branding, Special events.

Customized menus are always available upon request. Sample menus are provided. I am health, dietary, and allergen conscious providing everyone with the same experience. I have recently opened a five star, Relaix Chateau property in Plymouth Massachusetts and we are fighting to be the first Michelin starred restaurant in Massachusetts. Bring It On!

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