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2024 Dallas Sake Week -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-web-header.jpg

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-Landing-Page-Join-Us -- 2024-dallas-sake-week-landing-page-join-us.jpg

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-Landing-Page-About -- 2024-dallas-sake-week-landing-page-about.jpg

The first annual Dallas Sake Week, March 20-24,  is a week-long celebration of Sake and flavorful cuisine pairings beyond sushi.
The World Food Championships and Sake Brewers Association of N. America invite you to visit participating restaurants to enjoy 
select menu dishes with a flight of locally available premium Sake brands. Free flights of Sake are limited to the first 50 guests on
promotion night.
So take advantage of each night by visiting each restaurant early!

Various Sake brands (hand selected by each participating restaurant) will be presented with savory pairings throughout the week.
Don't miss this opportunity to sample these curated tastings and experience Sake in a whole new way.

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-Landing-Page-Restaurants -- 2024-dallas-sake-week-landing-page-restaurants.jpg

Wednesday, March 20 
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-Kessaku -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-kessaku.jpg
1405 Elm St., 50th Floor
Dallas, TX 75202

Hours: 6pm - 11pm

Selected Dish: Kessaku Tower

Thursday, March 21
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-LadyLove -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-ladylove.jpg
310 W. Seventh St.
Dallas, TX 75208

Hours: 5pm - 11pm

Selected Dish:
 Pesto Sliders

 Friday, March 22
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-AsianM -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-asianm.jpg
75 & Forest Lane
11617 N. Central Expwy, Suite 135
Dallas, TX 75243

Hours: 11am - 9:30pm

Selected Dish: Duck Red Curry

Friday, March 22 
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-AsianM -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-asianm.jpg
5290 Belt Line Road, Unit 118
Addison, TX 75254

Hours: 11am - 3pm;5pm - 9:30pm

Selected Dish: Duck Red Curry

Saturday, March 23 
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-Dee-Lincoln-color -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-dee-lincoln-color.jpg
6670 Winning Dr., Suite 400
Frisco, TX 75034

Hours: 4pm - 11pm 

Selected Dish: Kagoshima A5 Strip

Saturday, March 23  
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-El-Carlos -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-el-carlos.jpg
1400 N. Riverfront Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75207

Hours: 5pm - 11pm 

Selected Dish: Salmon Ceviche

 Sunday, March 24
2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Restaurant-Roots -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-restaurant-roots.jpg 
13050 Bee Street
Farmer's Branch, TX 75234

Hours: 5pm - 10pm 

Selected Dish: Fried Shrimp and Grits

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Landing-Page-Sake-Brands -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-landing-page-sake-brands.jpg

Dallas Sake Week is made possible by the support of these wonderful Sake brewers and brands.

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-BrooklynKura -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-brooklynkura.jpg
Brooklyn, NY

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-Dassai-Blue -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-dassai-blue.jpg
Yamaguchi, Japan

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Landing-Page-FuKuJu -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-fukuju.jpg

Kobe, Japan

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-Manotsuru -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-manotsuru.jpg
Niigata, Japan
VIDEO: Obata Shuzo Video Link

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-Origami-Saki -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-origami-saki.jpg

Hot Springs, AR

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-Sake-One -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-sake-one.jpg

Forest Grove, OR

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-Tsuki-Sake -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-tsuki-sake.jpg
Salt Lake City, UT

2023-Dallas-Sake-Week-Brand-UKA -- 2023-dallas-sake-week-brand-uka.jpg

Fukushima, Japan

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-Landing-Page-Sponsors -- 2024-dallas-sake-week-landing-page-sponsors.jpg

Dallas Sake Week is made possible by the support of these kind sponsors.

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-Sponsor-SBANA -- sbana-logo-master-v2.png

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-sponsor-NTA-Japan-logo -- 2024-dallas-sake-week-sponsor-nta-japan-logo.jpg

2024-Dallas-Sake-Week-Sponsor-WFC -- wfc-logo-primary-horz-full-color-black-text.png

For sponsorship or restaurant participation opportunities in upcoming Dallas Sake Week events, please contact:
Jeannette Corey at