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NOVEMBER 8-12, 2017

The World Barbecue Championship will bring the greatest competition barbecue teams, cooks and chefs together in Orange Beach, AL, to settle the score and name the World Barbecue Champion. The World Barbecue Champion will advance to the Final Table and see if ‘America’s Cuisine’ will rule the world.

Choosing from all the major sanctioning bodies and an open registration process, The World Food Championships will accept the champions of the world’s premier barbecue competitions to compete in Orange Beach.

This year, the World Barbecue Championship will be open to at least 100 teams at this year’s event.  The WFC barbecue category continues to be a sanctioned KCBS event, making it possible for KCBS teams to earn those coveted Team of the Year points.

This allows the World Food Championships to have an open registration for the World Barbecue Championship for up to 50 teams. The remaining 50 spots will be designated as usual through select Automatic and Preferred Qualifiers and International Championships.

What will start as a host of the absolute best championship pitmasters will end up with just one winner… the World Barbecue Champion.


Schedule and Rules

Competition Structure

The World Barbecue Championship features three rounds of competition.
Ancillary Categories:  competitors will compete for bonus cash in the ancillary competitions, points and scores do not apply to the overall championship.  
Competition Categories:  all competitors will compete in the World Barbecue Championship and turn-in various meats that will be defined in the competitor packet.  
Finalist Round:  the top ten competitors in the opening round will face off for culinary supremacy in a special barbecue-themed finalist competition.

2016 Competitor Packets

How to Qualify

The World Barbecue Championship will be limited to the first 100 entrants who are fully qualified, registered and confirmed. Any qualified entrant who wants to compete after the field is full must seek a special exemption from the WFC competition committee.

The following event is an International Qualifier for the 2017 World Barbecue Championship: 
Canadian Food Championships - Edmonton, AB Canada - 7/21/17-7/23/17

The following events are Preferred Qualifiers for the 2017 World Barbecue Championship: 
Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championship Series Winner - Australia and New Zealand - 2016

Battle of the Bones
 - Central Point, OR - 9/15/17-9/17/17

BBQ Gives Back Grand Champion - Urbanna, VA - 3/24/17-3/25/17

Cumberland Plateau BBQ Cookoff & Cruise-In - Jamestown, TN - 7/8/17-7/9/17

Shotgun Fred BBQ Showdown - Huntsville, TX - 2/16/17-2/18/17

Taste of America - 1st Place - Online - 6/1/17-7/5/17

World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-off - Brady, TX - 9/1/17-9/2/17

The following events are Elite Qualifiers for the 2017 World Barbecue Championship: 
Wild Card Elite Division - Online - 4/5/17-10/1/17