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Canadian Qualifiers

WFC announced that there will be three new gateways for Canadian competitors looking to qualify into WFC2018. Two of those will be official partners for WFC and provide BBQ and Chili teams an onsite opportunity to prove their competition skills. The third avenue, The Taste of Canada, will be an ONLINE process controlled by WFC to seek out the best culinary contestants. This process will enable Canadians who can't travel to qualifying events the ability to enter online like many American residents do for The Taste of America.

The official BBQ partner for Canada this year will be the Canadian BBQ Society, which will reward two golden tickets: one for the Team of the Year in Western Canada, and one for the Team of the Year in Eastern Canada.

The official Chili partner for Canada will be the Kleefeld Honey Festival, which will reward three golden tickets at its annual event on August 11th for the top 3 overall finishers.

Through the Taste of Canada, which will run from June 1 through June 30, any chef, home cook or pro team can enter WFC's online contest to earn golden tickets that will be allocated to all 10 provinces of Canada. The number of winners will be based on the quality and quantity of the entries, and will be available in all of WFC's official categories. Rules on how to submit entries into this contest will be released prior to May 15, 2018.

For further details on the BBQ and Chili partnership processes, we encourage all interested contestants to contact our partners direct. 
2018 WFC Canada Partner CBBQS -- 2018-wfc-official-qualifier-cbbqs-logo.jpg2018 WFC Canada Partner Manatoba -- 2018-wfc-official-qualifier-manatoba-logo.jpg2018 WFC Canada Partner TOC -- 2018-wfc-official-qualifier-toc-logo.jpg